The UW Space Policy and Research Center (SPARC) is an interdisciplinary hub of faculty, researchers, policymakers, organizations and facilities operating at the intersection of technology, science, and policy in the Pacific Northwest. The UW convenes resources and knowledge to meet the emerging challenges and opportunities of expanding human interest and exploration in space.

SPARC is organized by the William E. Boeing Department of Aeronautics & Astronautics and the Jackson School of International Studies and convenes space related faculty, research, and initiatives from all over the UW and the region, including the departments of Astrobiology, Buerk Center for Entrepreneurship, the iSchool, Mechanical Engineering, Materials Science, Human Centered Design, Industrial Systems, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Earth & Space Sciences, the Law School, Environmental Sciences, Math, UW Medicine, the Joint Center for Aerospace Technology Innovation, and more. 



The UW is home to leading faculty and researchers in physics, math, environment and life sciences that contribute to our understanding of the universe and our potential reach in space.



The UW boasts a top engineering program with advances in space systems, computer science, data and more that will help us build the ecosystem to monitor the Earth and expand outward.


The UW is at the forefront of space policy and law in coordination with national policymakers that will set the framework of cooperation as national and private entities expand into space